Care Home Investment Opportunities For Property Investors

Care home investments are a fairly recent type of property investment, but nevertheless it is a strong preforming asset class for investors in the UK and even overseas. This commercial property investment offers an alternative to traditional buy-to-lets as well as having a significant financial return.

The Care Home Investment Market

The care home market is driven by a rising life expectancy and an increase in the number of over 65’s living in the UK. The Office of National Statistics found that 65’s and over make up 11.4 million of UK’s population, meaning the elderly make up 18% of UK’s population. This number is expected to further increase to 25% by the year 2044.

The ageing population calls for an increase in care homes and retirement housing communities around the UK. The demand for long-term health care facilities is also rising and it is forecasted that the UK would need to increase the supply of residential and nursing homes by 150% and an additional 140% increase in hours of care, which the NHS is currently struggling to uphold.

The Health and Social Care Industry is currently worth more than £20 billion and along with the increase in demand, it is easy to see why investors are utilising these figures to make a profitable investment.

Not only are care home investments helping investors to get an income with long-term high returns, but private investments within the health and social care system is also relieving the strain put on government facilities.

care home investment opportunities

Is A Care Home Investment Good For Your Pension?

When you look at an investor’s point of view, you can see that although the social and economic implications of the ageing population are complex, they still provide opportunities for property investors.

One of those opportunities is that care homes can be placed in a pension. Care homes could be perfect for your retirement fund as more and more people are using their pension savings to put into an income-generating property.

Two years ago there were new freedoms put in place that gave retirees more choice in where they can invest their pension.

Care homes are a great investment for retirement income and it can also be a good investment if you wish to live in the care home property later on in life. Even though there are more care home developments going on in the UK, it doesn’t yet dampen the seriously high levels of demand, making it an asset class with strong yields on average than other classes.

Care home investments are also fully managed by third parties and care for patients is done by employed staff, making it hands-free for the investor. There is also a long-term assurance of a 10% net rental yield per annum for up to 10 years. With prices varying at £70k-£80k, it makes a good investment for your pension.

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How To Maintain Proper Basement Waterproofing

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The standard in basement waterproofing systems for decades was to install a system for water to drain and capture water. Exterior foundation discharges are failing all over the country, causing basements to flood at great inconvenience and expense to the homeowner. Exterior basement drains are also failing all over the nation, which makes homeowners weary of getting their basements converted. Failing exterior drain systems that are French drains, furniture, books, and anything else stored in the basement they Need the water to be pumped out. Mold growth cans encourage and create. Flooding may lead lowering of foundation damage, and the home’s market value.

When drains are installed about a home, they laid to defend them around the Home from dirt and mud. In many cases, a layer of filter material is said to safeguard the material. While this solution sounds ideal sand and mud will make its way and into the drain. When they do, the entire perimeter of the base must be excavated. Your foliage, porches, gardens, steps, sidewalks, along with other landscaping located about the edge of the home will need to be removed. The process is invasive, as Well as a year after the ground has been filled back into the excavated area, it’ll settle and need to be regraded in order that water isn’t directed towards the house.

basement waterproofing

The new system that is been installed around your base is going to be the same as the old one that failed, meaning that you could anticipate a comparable situation in another few years. To make things worse, the external French drain is likely to release the water away from the base with no sump pump. Which implies that the French drain must run down-hill to be effective- a situation that is not frequently possible. French drains that release to a septic system frequently run uphill, plus they cannot release more than the holding size of the system. The entire excavation can be avoided by installing an interior perimeter drainage system.

Drain Pipe Repair Done By A CCTV Drain Surveyor

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Within your air conditioning, the air will condense to water because of the heating and cooling process. If you’re taking a closer take a take a look at your air conditioning, then it is possible to find a drain which runs from your ac unit which releases the water into the outside. The warmth goes down a drain pipe that’s usually white in colour. Many people panicked if they see water coming from the condensation pipe. This shows that your air conditioning is working fine. If you do not notice water flowing from the pipe, it is a good sign that the pipe is blocked.

When the warmth pipe is blocked, water begins to leak from the ground and you start to see wet stains. In the event the drain of the air conditioning stops working entirely, you will see water beginning to leak down your walls and on the floor. To call for a tech to repair the drain pipe can be very expensive. If you wish to save some money and aren’t scared of the dirty work, you can really do it on one’s own. First thing you have to do is to examine the drains of the body. Whether you have a ducted air conditioner, then head up into the roof and check the pipes.

CCTV survey

You want to make sure which the pipes are operating downwards throughout the length of your roof, to the exterior. You’ll also need to ensure that there’s nothing jamming the condensation pipes. Use a serpent or cable to remove any solid particles within the pipe. In case there are algae that can’t be removed by your plastic serpent, use a bleach solution into wash it away. Once you’ve done all of these, the warmth pipe should be clear. To test it, run water down their tubes on the roof and have someone watching exterior to ensure which their water flows smoothly down and out from the pipes. If you’re still having trouble, you should call a pro into come down and fix it for you. A CCTV drain survey will help you with drain repairs because it detects and reports drain damages accurately.

All About Motorcycle Transporters

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Motorcycle owners tend to be very picky about who gets to handle their bikes. For a person who does not own a motorcycle, the caution observed by these motorcycle owners may seem a little over the rails. However, most motorcycle transporters will disagree.

The truth of the matter is that motorcycle owners act just like any single person would were he or she concerned about a prized possession. For most owners, a motorcycles is more than just a possession. It is also a way of life and has sentimental value to the owner. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to move your motorcycle, it would be preferable if you choose the best motorcycle transporter.

motorcycle deliveryIf you have never had the luxury of moving your bike before, then this may start off being a little overwhelming for you. The truth is that there are lots of options motorcycle transporters out there in the market, all of them promising unconditional and efficient services. Unfortunately, most of these companies will disappoint you.
The best mover is one who can transport your motorcycle wherever you want to go, whether in country or out of the country. Even if you do not have to go all the way to a beaten track, it is vital to know that your motorcycle transport company would go the extra distance for you.

When you look at most motorcycle transport companies out there on the web, you can learn lots about motorbike transport. First of all, you will learn that most movers out there in the market do not fully comprehend how highly motorcycle owners value their motorbikes.

Many of the companies out there will not go out of their way to inspect the motorcycles they are transporting. They will also fail to take responsibility for the well-being of the motorbike. This is a bad sign and it should steer you clear of these companies. If you are going to hire a motorcycle mover, you will want to be assured that the company you choose understands your love for your bike.

Once you have decided on a mover, you can begin with a free quote. The best bike movers out there will provide you with an accurate free quote upfront. If not so, then you may not want to hire these movers. This free quote is just a quick way of showing you that they can quickly price your needs.

Benefits of Gas Central Heating Systems

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In a normal UK household the costs that go towards supplying heating and water are often seen as where half the money goes. As fuel prices rise, having it is one of the steps you can take to decreasing your emissions, and a heating system Is Essential. It is critical to understand your current heating system. Virtually all homes in the Uk have a central heating system – radiators and a boiler – electrical storage heaters are used by them. Some homes will make use of heaters That aren’t part of the main heating system that is central. This is the most typical form of heating in the United Kingdom.

A single boiler heats water up that’s pumped through pipes to radiators through the home as well as providing warm water to the kitchen and bath room taps. Some boilers have an immersion heater. Condensing boilers have heat exchangers that recover heat. Some heat is lost from the water cylinder, although A boiler is more efficient at producing water, so a combi may be more efficient. UK houses that don’t Have a boiler and radiators have storage heaters. These give the heat throughout the day, and heat up with cheaper off peak electricity. In case you’ve storage heaters, you’ll probably have a warm water cylinder heated by 1 or 2 immersion heaters.


Electric storage heating is common in apartments, property that is rented, and in homes without a mains gas link. It’s among the most expensive heating choices in the United Kingdom, and it emits more CO2 than most systems. It is also harder to control storage heaters with systems, especially than radiators. Many families use individual heaters, like portable electrical heaters or fixed gas fires, as well as their central heating.

Modern central heating systems are often much more efficient than individual heaters, however it could make sense to use a personalized heater to warmth one space for a limited time. This could help avoid over heating spaces that don’t need to be heated, or are used infrequently. Portable electric heaters like oil filled, convection, panel or fan heaters. Portable gasoline heaters that run on bottled gasoline or paraffin. A Manchester plumber will be able to fix your central heating system and carry out any plumbing installations you may need such as a new boiler.

Ways To Declutter London

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There are many reasons for clutter to begin to become an issue. Perhaps it is due to having a busy lifestyle, work life or social life. Or maybe it is down to taking on too many things at once, leading to the struggle of juggling your priorities. It could even be because of certain circumstances such as moving house and having to get rid of old things and storing your more valuable possessions.

Some cases, although more rare, can be because of hording problems or problems with letting go of things that add no value to you or your home. In those cases where there is emotional attachment, it will be a lot harder to accept the fact that you are living in clutter and even harder to establish a plan to get rid of all the excess, unnecessary clutter.

Whatever the cause, there is always the next question of where to begin. Many people will put off the task of decluttering simply because it seems like a frustrating and arduous activity. Furthermore, depending on the amount of clutter you have to deal with, it may appear overwhelming. Have no fear! Here are some quick tips on decluttering methods you can use to organise your home, office or garage.


Decluttering Tips and Tricks

The Box Method –

This involves having four piles. At the end of declutter londonthe session, each pile will be filled with clutter to be dealt with in different ways. The structure will go as follows:

Box 1 – Put away or keep

Box 2 – Give away or sell

Box 3 – For storage

Box 4 – Throw away

Start off with small sections of your home or workplace. You can start off with one room or even just a small section of a room. The smaller the sections, the easier it will be to handle, which will lessen the frustration and stress you may feel.

Once you have established which area you are going to work on, go through all of your belonging and clutter and begin sorting them into the piles. You can use storage boxes, bin bags or just throw them into a heap, as long as you know which items belong in which category.

The 12 Rule –

This is another method to gradually declutter your space. The 12:12:12 challenge requires you to get rid of 12 items, keep 12 items and give away 12 items. This can be done over the space of a couple hours or an entire day depending on the amount of clutter you have.

The 12 rule also puts into perspective how many items you are keeping for no reason, which may make you even more motivated to declutter your home or office. It also gives you the opportunity to give back to the people you love or those in need as you can give 12 items away to a friend, family member or college that may need it. You could also give the items to a charity shop if you don’t feel like giving them away as gifts.

If you want more ways to declutter london, contact a Professional Declutterer and Organiser in London.

Why Businesses Need The Help Of Bookkeeping Services

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Do you really need bookkeeping services?


Most people view book keeping like a grudge purchase. An unnecessary evil that just eats at our profits.

But there are more than a few good reasons to hire a bookkeeper or outsource your bookkeeping. Even when you are a small entrepreneur struggling to set up operations, the bookkeeper is absolutely the one resource you should never scrimp on.

The bookkeeper could literally keep you out of jail! When I put it as simply as that, then the bookkeeper takes on a whole new lustre.

Paperwork is necessary to keep track of operations. For example, how will you know how much tax to pay the taxman? Nobody likes paperwork, more especially entrepreneurs, but bookkeepers do. They are the ones who keep you out of jail.

A second and much under anticipated aspect is: who deals with the lawyers, bankers and procurement departments? These people are professionals who expect a certain level of informed communication. The accountant/bookkeeping services can provide that.

bookkeeping services

Let’s go through how your bookkeeper can and should assist you:

· He should be able to help you by working with your lawyer on matters such as ownership structure, and type of entity you should set up.

· He should design and set up your accounting system so that you are not scrambling at financial year end

· Ensure that your types of tax are correctly classified and right amounts paid at financial year end

· Ensure that all employee related payroll tax forms are posted correctly online

· Assist you on how to separate your personal from business expenses

· Prepare your interim and year end financials and submit to auditors if required

The not so obvious things that the bookkeeper can assist you with is things like informing you about what items are deductible and applicable to you. This can make a big difference to the bottom line of a small business.

If you are not a professional accountant, then it is anticipated that you will make errors in the book keeping if you are trying to manage it yourself. This could affect your decision making regarding the business. To get high quality, accurate accounts, one should outsource the bookkeeping. This will also negate any related party transactions and bias.

As a business person and/or entrepreneur, you should spend your time doing what you are good at, because trying to do accounts that you are not proficient at, is just a waste of your time and will ultimately reflect in your business performance.

Adjusting To Pension Bookkeeping Help

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There are various ways to put money aside for your twilight years as there are many different types of the pension scheme. Any saving for retirement that is arranged by an employer is called a workplace pension, which can fall into some categories: occupational, works, company or work based, for example. Workplace pensions work by automatically deducting your pay by a small percentage which goes into the pension scheme for you to be paid an income when you retire. Often, an employer and the government add money into the pension plan too. Workplace pensions are designed to provide security later in life during retirement, which is why for the most part; money can’t be taken from the fund until the employee is at least 55.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping will also take a lot of pressure of the employer. Having a reliable bookkeeper in London will help businesses of all sizes to keep a more accurate record of costs and payroll, which is something that needs to be kept track of by any auto enrolment employer.

According to the government, many workers have been missing out on pension benefits because they failed to apply to join their employer’s scheme or they were not offered access to a workplace plan. It is because of this that the government decided to make automatic enrolment compulsory.

Automatic registration requires employers to automatically enroll any eligible jobholders into a workplace pension scheme. This system must meet certain requirements and companies will also have to provide a minimum employer contribution. All arrangements are entirely the company’s responsibility.

The scheme is being phased in, with larger companies having earlier ‘staging dates’ (the date it becomes effective for them) and smaller companies later ones. Staging dates for all businesses are being staggered over six years with more and more employers being included with each month. Eventually, it will extend to employers with just one worker.

The ‘earnings trigger’ or level of earnings to qualify an employee for automatic enrolment is £8,105 or higher a year. Other eligibility conditions include age; the employee must be aged from 22 to state pension age. People who do not earn the required amount to qualify for auto-enrolment can choose to opt into the scheme, but their employer is not obligated to make a contribution.

For all workplace pension plans, the minimum contribution level is 8% of all qualifying earnings, 3% of which the employer must pay as a minimum. The company can pay more, in which case the individual will make up the difference, and they will receive tax relief on all their contributions. This contribution level is being phased in with a gradual increase so as to help employers adjust to the costs.

auto enrolment help

For some companies, preparing for the new plans has meant a lot of work. Those without pension schemes had to create one, and many companies have chosen to keep existing schemes and set up a separate auto-enrolment pension in addition. Usually, staff will be able to move to the main system after a specified amount of time has passed.

Get the most out of your accountant by getting them to outsource your bookkeeping too. A bookkeeper is useful and can save you money in the long run if you are a small business that can’t afford to hire an in-house bookkeeping service.

For employees, there is the possibility of opting out of the plan; they will be allowed to leave it at any time. To get their contributions back, however, an employee has to leave the system within one month. Otherwise, contributions made from their wages and any made by their employer will stay in their pension pot. It is also noteworthy that employees will be auto-enrolled every three years and every time they change employers.

You can see where you stand with professional auto enrolment help with a London bookkeeper in Eltham.

What Is A Lasting Power Of Attorney?

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Lasting Power Of Attorney.’ Sounds daunting doesn’t it. However, it is just a complex phrase for a simple legal right. If an individual is going to become incapable of making their own decisions any more they have a right to nominate a person (or people) to make their decisions for them. These could be decisions organisation of their estate, finances, welfare or care and housing.

Who can be granted a Lasting Power Of Attorney?

Whoever the individual in question nominates and trusts can be granted a Lasting Power Of Attorney (POA) as long as they are happy to take on the responsibility. There are two types of POA a health and welfare POA or a property and financial affairs POA. There are different application forms for both. A Lasting Power Of Attorney can also be cancelled should your circumstances change.

Why would you require a Lasting Power Of Attorney?

A person could require a power of attorney of a couple of reasons. Firstly, they may purely not wish to have the stress of making such decisions anymore or it may be a precautionary measure should they ever be in a position that they could not make their own decisions. Secondly, they may be mentally incapable of doing so.

How do you apply for a Lasting Power Of Attorney?

power of attorneyIn the UK application forms for Lasting Power Of Attorney can be obtained on the government’s website. A POA is intended to be applied for prior to mental decline to put in place measures that the individual is happy with in advance of no longer being in a sound state of mind to specify their desires. The individual requiring the decisions to be made on their behalf may fill out a form applying for a lasting power of attorney, or they may let someone do this on their behalf then consent to the criteria outlined in the agreement. This often occurs in cases of degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. The POA will then come into play once the individual no longer has the mental capacity to make decisions alone. However, the POA can be used in advance of this mental incapacity should the individual provide consent to its use. One may also apply for POA for alternative reasons, such as simply feeling too old to be capable of making stressful decisions any more, or a precautionary measure, amongst other reasons. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a POA.

Importantly there is a preventive measure in place to make sure that no one can be forced into signing a Lasting Power of Attorney against their will. This presents itself in the format of a ‘certificate provider.’ The certificate provider is an independent third party who talks privately with the donor to ascertain whether they fully understand the rights they are giving their attorney (s). They will also sign part B of the Lasting Power of Attorney forms to validate them. A POA cannot be used immediately. If there are no problems with your application for a POA it should take up 9 weeks to be registered and validated. The POA must be registered with The Office of Public Guardian before use.